Eliza Knode

Name: Eliza Knode

Email: elizadknode@gmail.com

Website: elizadknode.wixsite.com/mysite


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Eliza Knode is the daughter of a U.S. diplomat and grew up around the globe (Malaysia, Japan, Hungary, and Brazil). While it is complicated to answer where she's from, she has found a home in the performing arts. This love led her to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Miami. Some of her favorite collegiate performances have been the Witch in Into the Woods and Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Outside of school, Eliza has performed regionally at The Barn Theatre in roles such as Roz Keith in 9 to 5 and Mrs. Puff in Spongebob The Musical. Eliza is extremely excited to bring the expertise she's learned to the next opportunities that lie ahead.