Amanda Ribnick

Name: Amanda Ribnick




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Amanda Ribnick(Ribs)is a performer and writer from Weston, Florida. Most passionate about female-led stories and new works, some of her favorite collegiate theatrical experiences include playing Theresa in Circle Mirror Transformation and quirky ingenue Autumn in a staged reading of The Best Years, a new musical by Alexis Kesselman and Rachel Ohnsman.The granddaughter of an underground jazz pianist/opera singer, Amanda has always found herself playing and singing everything from Sondheim to Dodie to Toby Fox. She has created and produced multiple musicals while at the University of Miami, but her female and TGNC-led Knight New Work Award-Winning musical web series Underground is what she’d call her crowned jewel. Dedicated to inclusive works with a sci-fi-inspired flair, she can’t wait to meet you in LA! Check her out @amandaribnickon social media.