Eli Jacobson

Name: Eli Jacobson

Email: elithejake@gmail.com


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Eli Jacobson is from Palm Beach County, Florida. Some of his favorite credits from his time spent at the University of Miami are Xanthias in The Frogs, Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Chuck Dobbs in She Kills Monsters, although the production was canceled due to COVID-19 during the late stages of rehearsal. Eli spent much of his childhood as a camper at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, where he learned many circus skills, including juggling, fire-spinning, flying trapeze, diabolo, static trapeze, and more. He is also a math minor at the University of Miami. When Eli is not performing in theatre, he enjoys spending time at the gym, playing and watching sports, and streaming video games on twitch. Eli plans to move to New York City after graduation to pursue a career in theatre, improvisation, and television.