Hallie Grace

Name: Hallie Grace

Email: thehalliegrace@gmail.com

Phone: 904-521-9833

Website: thehalliegrace.com

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Hallie Grace is an actor, singer and musician from Dallas, Texas. After graduation, Hallie plans to move to Los Angeles, but New York, Dallas, and Boston are also potential home cities. While in Miami, Hallie has taken advantage of several theatrical projects that have shaped her. Some of her favorites include a film version of Hello Again, and a staged reading of Devotion, a new musical written by Mark Sonnenblick. Hallie has also explored her love of film and television during her time at Miami, acting in several student films, and as a member of Delta Kappa Alpha, a film fraternity meant to develop cinematic skills. Hallie also plays acoustic guitar and has plans to release original music by the end of the year. Hallie Grace is beyond excited for what projects are to come after graduation and beyond. Peace and love!